Company Overview

Curative Biotechnology, Inc.


We Envision a World
Where All Patients Have a Therapeutic Option

Curative Biotechnology, Inc. (Curative Biotech) is an innovative biopharmaceutical company with the mission to develop therapeutics, medical devices, or diagnostics at an accelerated pace to fulfill the unmet needs of patients with rare diseases.

We focus on identifying, in licensing and developing disease modifying therapeutic drug candidates with a focus on rare disease indications.

Our Business Model

Our unique model is driven by an industry-proven business and product development team that manages outsourced world-class clinical, regulatory, and medical professionals to increase expertise, reduce cost and accelerate development paths.

Our goal is to expedite the development of disease modifying therapeutics to treat unmet medical conditions. We aim to maximize the value of our assets by creating proof of principle inflection point human data in early development programs and late-stage efficacy and safety data for more mature programs. Then we will license out or partner with larger companies for commercialization, creating significant milestones and royalty streams.

Our Distinctive Strategy

We are agnostic with respect to the therapeutic area or the stage of development of a program.
This approach gives us great flexibility in our search for development assets that meet our criteria.


Curative Biotech has established partnerships with several innovative organizations, including the National Institutes of Health, National Eye Institute, and Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics, Inc.

Curative Biotech is collaborating with the National Eye Institute (NEI), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the terms of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). Together we will be evaluating Curative’s proprietary ocular metformin formulation in clinical studies for the treatment of intermediate and late-stage Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) disease.

TITLE OF CRADA: Clinical Evaluation of Curative Biotechnology, Inc.’s Proprietary Ocular Metformin Formulation
PHS IC: National Eye Institute
IC Principal Investigator: Emily Chew, M.D.
Collaborator: Curative Biotechnology, Inc.
Collaborator Principal Investigator Steering committee lead representative Dr. Catherine Sohn
TERM OF CRADA: Three (3) years from the Effective Date.

Curative Biotech has also entered into a licensing and partnering agreement with Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics, Inc. MABT.US – Impacting the Future of Human Health to acquire worldwide rights for the development and commercialization of IMT504, a novel, patented immunotherapy, to treat symptomatic rabies.

Cost Effective and Efficient Hybrid
Corporate Structure

Our experienced senior biotech industry management team has over 130 years of worldwide expertise in all areas of drug development, manufacturing, clinical trial execution, regulatory approvals, intellectual property, and licensing; across almost all disease indication areas, and spanning all product types from small molecule drugs to biologics to cell and gene therapy. We tap industry relationships for subject matter experts and outsourced vendors in an “as needed” manufacturing and development model saving time and money and enabling Curative Biotech to access world class talent across multiple treatment areas.

A Flexible Business Development Engine S.O.A.R.

At the heart of Curative Biotech is a product development engine that rests on our unique filter S.O.A.R. (Science, Opportunity, Acceleration, Rare Disease)

We look for S.O.A.R. assets that:

Have world class science and sustainable intellectual property behind them.

Can be acquired opportunistically at favorable valuations.

Lend themselves to an accelerated approval pathway.

Address unmet medical needs for rare diseases.

How We Do It

Identify High-Potential
Development Candidates
That Meet All of Our Filter
Create Significant Inflection Milestones
Pursuing Product

Pursuing Product Commercialization

Our approach to building value for all our stakeholders within the Life Sciences space is to seek opportunities that create revenue positive events within 24 months of acquisition. We may entertain joint venture to expedite drug development to achieve this 24-month goal.

Given this aggressive goal, we will focus on programs that are, among other things, qualified to receive orphan designation, potentially Priority Review Voucher (PRV) eligible, or repurposed drugs that have already been approved, making them potential candidates for expedited development and approval under rule 505(b)(2).

By focusing solely on products that fit our model, we can create revenue generating events, such as out licensing or partnering with other life science enterprises, as we proceed down a parallel path toward FDA marketing approval at the conclusion of clinical trials.

By focusing solely on products that fit our model, we can acquire potentially disease-modifying therapeutics at early, mid, or late-stage development and still significantly reduce the burden of seeking outside capital as our product candidates will be close to significant value-building inflection points at whatever phase of development they are in.

Share Holder Value

Leadership in Execution

Our future success will be the result of the contributions of our management team, Board of Directors, and Scientific Advisory Board, as well as industry expert consultants. We will continuously rely on the expertise, industry relationships and dedication of our in-house and out-sourced teams.


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